Terms & Conditions

Repair Green is a brand owned by UPR Ecommerce Pvt. Ltd

The repair agreement is entered between the customer and UPR Ecommerce Pvt. Ltd

Local Service Taxes, VAT will be charged extra on the final invoice value. All estimates provided are without any taxes.

The normal time taken for repairs is 3-5 days. In case if it takes extra time because of parts procurement or any other reason. An approval of extended time shall be taken   from the customer. On approval only the device shall be repaired or else the same will be returned back after deduction of handling charges.

The status can be tracked online by entering Token number on www.repairgreen.com. You can even call up our call center to know the status of repairs.

The charges quoted at the time of collecting device is toward the service charges. In case if there is a part replacement required, our call center shall call you to take approval on the same and then repair will start.

In Case the gadget is given in NO POWER / NO DISPLAY / DEAD / COMPLETELY NON FUNCTIONAL, only post our thorough inspection we will be able to revert with exact diagnosis and list of part gone bad. We follow a decision tree approach to repair the problem thus it could be quite possible that we may call you more than once to seek a revised approval of additional part.

The repair / workmanship warranty stands for 30 days for same fault, subject to the device is not treated/opened/managed by any other vendor post our last repair. The warranty is VOID in case if the device is physically damaged.

In any physically damaged device or device with identified hardware damages, it is quite possible that any part which is intermittently working can potentially completely stop functioning while we are in the process of diagnosing and resolving the reported issue/s. In such scenario Repair Green will not be held liable for returning the device in the exact (pre-received) partial working condition, should the customer deny further repair and resolution by the Repair Green technical team.

Repair Green charges a basic Handling Charges of Rs. 300/-, deducted from Repair & Handling charges if the service are not taken after registering the call.

Repair & Handling charges are non refundable in case the customer's device is brought to our repairing facility, and then customer denies / does not approve additional charges.

In case the customer has provided the approval and we are unable to source the part or not been able to repair we will return the device along with repair charges after deducting Rs. 300.00 towards Handling and Diagnostic charges.

Repair Green advices customer to retain original CD's/Licenses for any or all application software / licenses that are pre-installed on the device. Repair Green will not be responsible for any loss of installed application software during the process of repair.

Per device refers to each/specific mobiles, smart phones, Tablets as defined in the final invoice.

Hardware replacement rights are solely and exclusively held with Repair Green to install new or refurbished parts.

Hardware replacement is not included in the initial charges.

All hardware repair will be carried out in our Technical Repair Center.

Repair Green is not responsible for any loss, data theft, damage/theft/loss of the device during the time of service/repair, while the device is in the custody of Repair Green, However we will take utmost precautions to ensure safety of the device / gadget in line to the policy of safety and protection of companies assets.

In case the device is undelivered to customer in 3 confirmed delivery attempts, Repair Green shall wait for a period of 30 days for the customer to collect the device after showing the Device Collection Receipt from our office E47/7 Okhla Industrial Area Phase 2, new Delhi 110020.

In the event if the device is not collected by the customer even within 30 days post 3 unsuccessful delivery attempts or the customer denies paying the estimated amount at the time of deliver, Repair Green shall have every right to sale the said device and recover the cost of repairs.

All disputes are subject to Delhi Jurisdiction.